Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Summer of Sam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Summer of Sam - Essay Example The film then cuts to a car driving through New York. In these opening scenes great emphasis is placed on the juxtaposition off sonic and visual elements to create impact and viewer interest. As the film advances it begins to assume more of a traditional linear narrative format. As it follows a man and his wife as they go into a nightclub, and the follows the man as he leaves and engages in intercourse with a woman he picked up there; they are ultimately interrupted by a mysterious car. The next scene at 7:32 includes another murder. It’s clear that while the narrative appears to be centered around these characters, in reality the viewer has in part been placed in the position of the mysterious murderer, who hovers in the background throughout these narrative developments. The film then cuts back to the man in who has returned to the nightclub. These characters, in contrast to the murderer, represents the film’s first developed parallel narrative structure. At 13:00 the film introduces the third narrative element, considering the life of Richie, a punk rock youth. At 20:25, the film then combines these parallel narratives as Richie and the man from the nightclub meet-up. At 30:00, the narrative then seamlessly gives way to an encounter between two cops and perceived Mafioso.

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